A chatbot that knows everything about travelling

Available in Facebook Messenger

Personal travel buddy

It's like your friend who travelled to every place in the world and remembers everything

Recognizes landmarks

It recognizes the photo of popular places around the world

Knows where it is

Tells you what the place is and sends you location.

Helps to plan your journey

It will tell you briefly all the important information

Suggest where to go

Suggests beautiful places in unfamiliar city

Tells stories about places

It knows why the place is famous and special

Learns from you over time

It memorize the things that you like and provide more personal recommendations

Start chatting!

Our little helper lives inside Facebook Messenger. You have open your facebook messenger, hit search button and enter the name Find Attractions. Available soon in Wechat

  • Open Facebook Messenger
  • Press search button
  • Type: find attractions
  • Enjoy!

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